Riding with the grumps

Happy Dad
Happy Dad, Grumpy McBaby

Grumpy Baby
Grumpy McB


Maureen said...

Miss T will not stay in her Chariot peacefully anymore! She will go about 1/4 mile and then yell "ALL DONE!"
I hope you 're having better luck with Aida.

Tarik Saleh said...

Bummer. Aida still likes it in theory. Last two rides she has been pretty grumpy, but I think that is because she has had trouble sleeping. Previously she slept like a champ in the chariot. She might be too tall this year to be comfy, I will try to adjust it a bit.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I found with my son it had a lot to do with the harness and not being able to easily communicate with me from so far back. He hated not being able to move and I finally just use the lap belt and let the shoulder harness go which helped a bunch.

One thing that made things better was attaching a small IPod boombox to the inside of the cockpit. Declan could listen to music or books or whatever and that kept him occupied.

Tarik Saleh said...


Good ideas. I will try some books and music. She may not be as entertained by the stuff in their that worked so well last year. I am going to try one of those top tube mounted seats soon. Not as good for long rides, but may keep her more engaged on shorter ones.
The harness and the helmet need work as well. Maybe a pillow.