Cairo Handcycle and Bread Bike

These are some pictures that I endeavored to take, but failed, but my bro successfully captured them. Thanks Pal.

Cairo Handcycle:
Handcycle Cairo

These are fairly common in Egypt, not sure whether there is an organization that provides them for double aputees/parapalegics, but they are there.

Bread Cycle:
Breadcycle Cairo

Bread in Egypt is government subsidized to 5 piasters, which is less than a penny US. The loaves are oftened shuffled about from baker to dealer via bicycle. Often there is a guy on a standard bike riding along with one hand above his head supporting a giant tray of bread. I still have not been able to get a shot of that, despite seeing it many times. Anyhow, cargo bike seems like a better solution!

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OmarSaleh said...

Actually, props are due to Indi, who actually took the photos in question (and posted them under our dual-use Flickr handle).