Curbfinding mixtes

On the way to work, late on monday morning, made even later by the appearance of a pretty sweet 5 speed Gitane mixte. Surprisingly light, true twin laterals, white pedals and grips on a baby blue frame. Should polish up OK if I can get the shifty bits working ok.
Curb find Gitane

Had to take it home, adding 20 minutes or so to my already tardy commute, a good morning to be riding the BD. The week before, I had the good luck to score a curbfind red metal tricycle for Aida. Looks to be working fine but for one missing pedal. An easy fix with some wood. It is Curbside pickup week (month as they have not come yet) where all of los alamos cleans their garages and the city eventually picks up the stuff at the curb. I also scored some tomato cages. I resisted various nordic tracks and a few odd garden carts that looked to have somewhat interesting wheels. I am trying to focus my hoarding to bikes only. So far, pretty good.

You may have noticed Snow. That was the second snow ride of the winter on monday. We had the first freeze in town in Los Alamos on 9/23 this year with a pretty good snow up on top of the ski hill, but none in town, but then a nice warm october until last week there was this mess:
Winter bike back in service
and this week, well, this
Snowy commute 2

I actually broke out the studded tired twenty last week. This week was a couple inches of rollable soft snow, compared to the icy snowy mess last week. Here is to a good winter.


Jon said...

The mixte rocks!

Jill said...

So jealous of the baby blue! If we were still in NM I'd try to convince you to trade mixtes.