Mystery of the rusted tooth solved

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Chad won the opportunity to sponsor this post by winning the photo contest embeded deep in the SSWC09 report. Well done!

Last year on a nice ride with the babybluebike folks I found this excellent rusted tooth:
The rusty tooth of the apocalypse

Then just this week I found its cousin:

Rusty tooth two

It was found in a groove of freshly grooved pavement. I thus conclude it was from a pavement groover! And now I am two teeth on the way to assembling my own!


Chad said...

Thanks for the award and all, but the link goes to your blog. Not that I'm vain or nothing :)

Tarik Saleh said...

Whoops, fixed! Now let the firestorm of Moscaline web traffic descend upon you!

gpickle said...

Nice finds Tarik, and some good sluething, too.

I don't know what a pavement groover is, but I have the internets so I will see what I can find.

Tarik Saleh said...

It is that machine that cuts all those groves in the pavement prior to resurfacing, maybe a pavement grader? Or draggeralgrinder? who knows. All I know is I have two of them, At this rate I can grove a whole road bed in 100 years.