Sunday Hauling Profile

100+lbs of bullshit and coffeegrounds:
100 lbs of bullshit and some coffee grounds

Pumpkins and pumpkins and both pumpkinandbaby:
Pumpkins bound for home

Elena takes a pull on the BD

Her Pumpkin

New Cat beds:
Loaded with Cat Beds


nordic_68 said...

Haulin' - I love it! That looks like a Nashbar front randonneur rack. I've got one on my grocery bike...

Marrock said...

I have one of those little Nashbar racks with the bag,nice setup.

As for the bullshit and coffee grounds... try not to confuse them or I can guarantee you'll have a really bad morning.

gpickle said...

YES! A good sunday of hauling leads to the best worldwide blog post of today I am sure.

Nice to see that you share the big dummy sometimes, too.

bikelovejones said...

You guys still use bike licenses?
(Portland stopped decades ago, too much money to administrate and no desir to go after bike thieves...)

Cargo hauling in all its human-powered forms is good for the spirit.

lemmiwinks said...

Is that a novelty/vanity plate? Surely there isn't bicycle registration?!

Tarik Saleh said...

Nashbar rack indeed. I think it will get a small wald basket ziptied to it at some point. Just so I can throw my shoulder bag in there. Maybe put a light mount on it. The mary bars are hard to mount a light on.

I really love hauling stuff. I think that was elena's first ride on it, loaded to boot. I think I need a slightly shorter stem on it and then it will be interchangable between us.

Bike licence plates are relics from the 70's. I would trade a los alamos one for a berkely or portland one. I think they are really cool, but if they required them, I would not. Licensing cyclists is the refrain of self centered drivers, as I am sure you know.