Brill yant

Bought a used Brill Luxus 38 pushmower (reel mower, human powered mower) to mow the "lawn" up here in the super high parched desert. As much as I would rather let it all turn to dust and plant rocks and xeriscape, Elena really likes the lawn. So lawn it is. The luxus works pretty darn well, it does not cut tall weeds, but it gets grass pretty darn well, even tall grass. It is fun to use and it is excellent at dispersing weed and dandelion seeds. I guess a power mower is pretty good at it too, but the luxus shoot the clippings and seeds in a nice benign arc from the mower and you can watch them landing here and there and blowing away to start a new weed family. I also got a grass catcher, which I will use when there is actually more grass to cut and probably will catch all the seeds as well.

I got it used, but a wheel broke in shipping, sunlawn the US distributor for the german made Brill mowers was really helpful and has all sorts of spares in stock. Excellent to do business with.

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