Dog on the top tube

Seen in Goleta, north of santa barbara outside the trader joes:

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It appears that the dog rides the top tube in this very position as dad (presumably) rides the bike, kid rides the trailabike and mom rides the otherbike. A family outing!

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The dog was chilling calmly, mostly asleep, on the top tube. Good stuff.

A few more fun bike pics from the trip to Santa Barbara in coming days.


wenmei said...

So I finally put a bike post on my blog for you, and the very same day you one-up me with the dog angle! I wish I could teach Cowboy how to ride like that.

Sheila said...

I really hope that's a female pooch. These pix are great! I'm going to SB this weekend so I'd like to chat with you about these places you got these classic pix!

Jim G said...

and no one's gonna steal a bike with a pit bull on the top tube! ;)

Diana said...

Only a bull terrier (not a pit bull) would do this! Too funny. Love it!