Silly tiny bike

Bridgestone Picnica

Maybe not quite as silly as flashy the wonderbike, but pretty silly and a bit more useful.

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folds in 5 seconds to something that fits in the trunk, sans Wink256:

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Pretty much stock as shown, but a long seatpost to get the saddle up to the right height and a clapped out B17. It works well, a no setbackpost with the B17 counteracts the super slack seat tube angle. When I have ridden it before with a setback post and a normal saddle I was right above the rear wheel making it a wheelie master if I was not paying attention.

Maybe with some folding pedals and handlebars I could cram it in a big golf bag.

It is a chain drive, but it has a nice chain case.


Adams Carroll said...

Totally silly! What's the seat post diameter on yours?

Tarik Saleh said...

28.6 post Adam, sorry for the delay, your post got caught up in a comment spam wave. Thanks