Contains giro spoiler, below the photo.

(poster once available here)

No one really wants to ride their bike over a snowy pass and down the other side through slush and subfreezing conditions and THEN up another moutain pass with 20+% grades that is not paved to finish.

However, no one is going to be making a poster of Piepoli and Basso crossing the finish line on a drastically shortened giro stage, merely crossing the line in rain.

Where is the mud and the guts and the snow, gentlemen? If you are going to dope yourselves within an inch of your lives, please have nards enough to race in the snow and mud. Basso could have trancended excellence to legend status by running across the finish line in stage 17 of the giro carrying his mud encrusted bike 15 minutes ahead of the rest of the frozen/walking peleton.

Sadly, Bobke Strut favorite, super-gallic-cyclo-crosser and climber-come-lately John Gadret crashed out of the giro today, no doubt so horribly embarrassed to be seen with the wimpy roadies that he prefered to break his collarbone instead of tacitly endorsing their behavior any longer.

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