Other pals blog roundup

Mark is kicking my ass in the roadfind department in our informal blog roadfind competition. Crap, I gots to get on the stick. $43 dollar whole foods gift card was his latest. Once I found a starbucks card with about half a latte left on it, but it is not really the same at all. Must ride more...

Wenmei is riding with one of those Walky dog things and her large looking pup Cowboy. Sorry for upstaging her with the dog on top tube phots, it looks neat, but always seems super sketchy to me, Cowboy must be a gooddog. Maybe I will invite her guest blog a product report in the future:

click for source, stolded from her blog

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wenmei said...

So I've finally got the Walky Dog thing down. It's kind of like skiing: you have to have faith that the faster you go, the more control you'll have. If I'm zooming along, nothing my squirrel-enamored 75lb puppy can do will swerve me off track. However, if I'm slowly wobbling down the street (due to a very natural fear of getting toppled by my dog), I will, in fact, get toppled by my dog.