29er rim opinions?

Normally I don't do this kind of blog post, but I have been out of the loop for a while whats new in the 29'er world.
Someone out there reading probably has some experience with this and I need some help.

I am imminently going to receive my new 29'er rigid single speed from Kelly.
First bike in the line is mine, look at those stays
First one in line is mine

It is designed to fit huge freaking 29er tires. Hopefully it will fit 29x2.75" tires when someone makes a set.

My current plan is to have two sets of wheels. A race wheel built on 32 hole disk hubs and 28-30mm rims using wtb weirwolf 29x2.55race tires.
My thoughts are either Salsa Semi Rims, Velocity Blunt or WTB speed disc.

The second wheelset will be more all mountainy and will be built on 36 hole disc hubs, 35mm rims and fatter tires. Probably WTB kodiak tires, or maybe Conti Mountain King 29 x 2.4
My thoughts here are for the Salsa Gordo or Velocity P35 rims.

I have built alot of wheels around velocities and I really like them. Anyone have any experience with either the Salsa or the WTB rims? Are the Salsa rims worth the extra cost? Any others that I am missing? WTB rims seem to be much cheaper. Any thoughts?

Any other fat tires in the 29'er size I should be looking at? I have been running the 26" weirwolfs for years and love them, so I am looking forward to the 29'er version.

Leave any opinions in the comments. Thanks pals.


Anonymous said...

I've built 2 sets of wheels using the 32 hole WTB speed disc all mountain rims. 1,400 miles on each set roughly and no problems this far. Hubs were XT 6 bolt with DT Swiss competition 14-15 with brass washers and tied and sodered.

Jason in RI said...

Have a look at Kris Holm unicycle rims. They make some very wide 29er rims, which would be a good match to super wide 29er tires.


Jon Livengood said...

dude, didn't Kelly stop making bikes? when did they start up again? Anyway, everyone around here seems to all about the Stans rims/wheelsets.

Tarik Saleh said...

Thanks for the input on the WTB's. I may try these for the more racy wheels indeed.

Thanks for that link. I like em. Perhaps a more easily available version of the snowcats...

As you probably can tell, he is making bikes again. Maybe a year ago or so he restarted? I like the stans rims, but none of the tires I really want to run are stans recommended by the manufacturer. Although alot of the races I do are in goathead country. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Fred Zeppelin said...

Tarik, if you haven't looked at twentynineinches.com, I'd suggest starting with a search there. Lots of first-hand info on different rims, and also tires.

Also good discussion on what tubeless rims and tubeless-ready tires play well together (disregarding what manufacturers may tell you in order to cover their own butts.)

Michael Lemberger said...

Another option for wider rims would be the 50mm Speedway Uma, a fave among the snow bike freaks. $100 a pop, single-wall and 32h only (36h rumored to be available soon.)

Speedway here and good mtbr forum spew, complete with pix here and here.