A formidable bunch

Buried way deep in the letters section on velonews is this lovely photo of a group of vintage cyclists.

(click for huge image at source)

That is a group that looks like they would put you in the curb before you knew what hit you. And then stop for wine and pastrami sammiches mid ride.

Previous and relatedvintage pic on moscaline.


Scott Loveless said...

Dig the short shorts on #4.

nordic_68 said...

Looking at the faces of the two on the right (the rider and the well dressed man) - they're clearly related. Father & son?

Ray said...

The well-dressed older gent with the broken collarbone has assembled his muscle for revenge.

Under-the-Ribs with the striped shorts and massive quads gets in under your ribs or armpit and lifts your and your front wheel off the ground before a little lateral shove.

Big Beret uses his reach and mass to just shove or shoulder without disturbing his trajectory. Good luck shoving back.

Short-Shorts uses his eyes, probably to burn through brake cables or front tires on fast downhills.

The two on the left may be confidence me to set up and box in riders for the assassins.

Tarik Saleh said...

Proto triathlete,

I agree.

I agree even more, I would pretty much avoid the big guy at all costs in a group ride.