Went to SF

Rode a ton, still gained weight, took many photos. Here they are:

I consult the oracle:
Doggie Diner and the pinhead

Done saw the bridge:
From Fort Mason

Mr Cell Phone Talking Bag head:
mr cell phone talking bag head

The Sealions among other landmarks:

Down on Cesar Chavez:

Pier 23 Fishbike:

Did some tiny wheeled fixie off road riding in Marin:
Coast trail

F-market Trolleys, still cost the same as a bus.

Better than cable cars:

I imported NM finest burrito for JimG to try.
He eated it.
He liked it!

This tiny woman fits in her own backpack:
Dwarfed by bag

Saw this place down on 20th in the Mission while trying not to drown in the rain:

All the photos here


ph0 said...

cycling in marin county is one of my big dreams
and i guess the tiny woman needs some of your NM burritos ;-)

Adrienne Johnson said...

I love seeing SF through other people's eyes. I also like that other people see the Doggie Diner Head for its true potential.

Tarik Saleh said...

Marin is real nice. Mostly fireroads offroad, but pretty great ones, but the road riding is sublime.as well. I will try to bring her a burrito too when I am in town next.

I visit the Doggie Diner Head each time I am there. When I lived in Emeryville I would pass by the home of some of the Save the Doggie Diner head people. They had a trailer with many DD heads mounted to bring to events. Next time maybe we can meet up and I can see your side of the city, I would have crashed your meeting with Esteban had I known, I had dinner with him shortly thereafter.

Me [LFoaB] said...


When you coming to The PDX?

We miss you + you've not had enough rain clearly.

-Us [Scott, Amy & Chloe]