Moscaline Video Test Ride Exclusive, Specialized Hotwalk

Thanks to the kind sharing nature of my niece and nephew I was finally able to do a test ride on the specialized hotwalk I got my niece 2 years ago

Three part video for your viewing pleasure.
Part 1: In which I nearly run over my daughter and niece:

Part 2: In which I shred the patio drop with musical accompaniment from my brother

Part 3: The aftermath of the most daring stunt:

Verdict: Two thumbs up. Sophie can ride really well, even though she is now too tall for it at 4. Oliver, at 2, is mostly interested in the trikes. Aida, at 17 months, liked it but it is too big for her. I loved it. I was a bit scared my knee would slip from the seat causing great pain. I also feared that I might pinch flat it or put a wheel permanently out of round. But, no, it had a fairly predictable ride and it seemed to plane and the bike disappeared under me as I rode along. Very unusual for a fat tubed aluminum frame. I am impressed. The two years of use has rendered the paint on the frame very scarred, but it was still solid and rolled well.


cyclotourist said...

Horizontally stiff yet vertically compliant?

In clip #3, Aida looks very concerned as to what that thing did to her father.

Unknown said...

How do you think it would handle with a front bag setup?

Anonymous said...

"...it seemed to plane and the bike disappeared under me as I rode along."

LOL, great description!

Anonymous said...

The bike screams "toddler escape pod." I demand you figure out how to create a platform off the side of the Xtracycle to QR-mount it.