Smaller velodromes

I have long been interested in the small velodrome phenomena. The vandedrome was the first one that hit my radar. Then, a great regret in my velolife, I never bought the ticket to go to canada and ride the Human powered roller coaster.

I noted recently there is this tiny redbull branded minidrome floating around the antipodes:

Red Bull Minidrome from Radar Films on Vimeo.

Pretty neat, but maybe needs more banking, wouldn't it have been cooler if it was cross bred with this:

(put that on youtube!)

Or maybe crossed with a pump track somehow?

Update 5/19/2010:
Welcome Coco's variety readers! Also, check your local paper for some more tiny velodrome action:

Pomona student Samuel Starr makes velodrome inside a library!
Read the rest at the la times
132 foot circumference, 5 second laps. Well done!


oldschooly said...

I was fortunate enough to race the HPR in Toronto in 1998. It was a highlight in my life. You really missed out, sorry.

Tarik Saleh said...

First HPR, then living in Paris. damn you schooly, damn you!

Unknown said...

Dude. Find that HPR and buy it. Set it up in New Mexico. Plow under your garden. People will come...

I definitely see a combo-collabo-mashup with over/under-figure8-narrow straights-vortex of death features. You can build it. You've got an awesome set of tools.

Tarik Saleh said...

I tell you what, if James earl Jones shows up calls me Ray and tells me to build it, those fruit trees in the back will be plowed under so fast your head will spin.

Adam in Toronto said...

The Human Powered Roller coaster was here in my very town, I rode it in 1998 (when FISHBONE!!!!! played the post race concert, & I remember doing my practice laps to their most excellent sound check) and 1999, when I figured if I was going to lose anyway I might as well lose on my fixie. The second year Mike Barry from Mariposa had his personal bicycle museum hanging from the rafters. Watching the finals I remember an aromatic haze of smoke over the track, and wondering why I was so damn dizzy and hungry when I only raced a couple of laps then had 2 pizza slices so my blood sugar should have been fine. Gotta re-scan my photos and put them on flickr if I can find the negatives.