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Hey look, a baseball post.

Tonight the yankees came back from a 9 run deficit to beat the rangers. The last time that happened, according to the the AP summary of the game, was in 1986. Dude, I was like totally there:

The Yankees overcame a nine-run deficit for the fourth time in their storied history. The last time was a 12-11 win in 10 innings against the rival Red Sox on June 26, 1987. Boston's starting pitcher in that one was Roger Clemens.

Yup, young me and my brother with parents in tow went to see the ageless and then yankee ace tommy john battle the hated Sox and their ace Roger Clemens. It would be epic, it would be a two pitcher complete game, maybe a shut out, it was a fiasco. If I remember correctly (which I likely do not), both pitchers were shelled early and out by the third and then there was a run drought until the bottom of the 10th when someone (I would like to think Mike Pagliarulo, the best third baseman ever, or at least the best third baseman's name as read by the Yankee stadium announcer) hit a grounder into short center scoring the winning run from second. I recall barely being able to stay awake through the mid to late innings.

My memories may vary.

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Anonymous said...

Alright, so Tarik's memory once again proves better than mine. The only thing I got right was that Jim Rice hit a grand slam; I get partial credit for remembering that Mattingly did better than Boggs that day, but Mattingly was 4 for 6, even better than the 3 for 5 that I remembered....somehow, I thought Pagliarulo hit a grand slam also; the only Yankee homerun was by Winfield. And it was exciting for 3 innings, then intensely boring until the final run scored in the 10th...and Pags was involved in the winning run- but he scored it, rather than driving it home, as Tarik remembered. You can see the box score here:
A better box score, along with a complete play-by-play (!!) can be found at www.retrosheet.org, but I cannot directly link to the page (just look for games on 6/26/87).