Giant cannibalistic carnivorous squid-bats

If you have been paying attention to squids, you probably noticed the mighty humbolt squid has invaded california. The NYT and AP had high profile stories on it of late.
This weeks nature-news online had a nice little article on the squid here (I guess it is subscribers only, dammit), which had little new to note except this stunning video of the squids in action. I love the completely chaotic squid disco at the end of the video.

Click for source video

These are photogenic little buggers, with creepy photos from the AP

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and the NYT:

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Also a boring video linked through the nytimes here and a much better one with the humbolt squid masticating/crushulating its kill here

Great stuff, go squids, may you start eating surfers soon so squid panic strikes the land and there is a large resurgence in squid horror films.

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