Sweedsley low riding!

My arctic north correspondent, Laurita, has blogged some nice photos from stockholm, including this photo of the european trend of the month, the ad emblazoned free rental bikes:

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Nice sweedish lowriders, eh?


Anonymous said...

I woudn't if it was NASCARsque Viagra ad if more people in the US would ride bikles. After a week in San Diego without riding. I would hve welcomed such bikes.

Steve in Central CA

Anonymous said...

That last post was brutal. How about I wouldn't "mind" if it was an NASCAResque Viagra ad. . .

Steve again

laurita said...

Stockholm bikes! Yeah!! They're not speed racers, but they're sweet! I wonder why nobody steels them. Maybe it's because they're so uncomfortable.

laurita said...

steals, I meant:-).

Tarik Saleh said...

I think these would fall prey to mass vandalism and theft in the US. I hope I am wrong though. I would love a Viagra emblazoned lowrider for commuting.

I wonder too what is wrong with euros that they do not steal the free bikes yet... Thanks so much for letting me plunder your great photos.

Thanks for reading.