Review: Wittmer Company Peanut Butter Mixer

This is the best thing since, well, sliced bread. It is a dead simple screw on cap that seems to fit all 16oz glass peanut butter jar. You then thread a bent rod through a gasketed hole the cap and then turn turn turn to mix your peanut butter. Or almond butter. Or cashew macadamia butter. Or whatever natural separated butter that you get in a 16oz glass jar.

Why is this good? No mess complete mixing. And as you pull the mixing rod out, it is scraped clean by the gasket in the cap. Then you remove the cap and then rinse it. Et walla! You have beautifully mixed your peanut butter without spilling it all over creation. All that for 10 bucks. I got mine from Amazon as I never have seen it in a store..

It takes a laborious 30 seconds or so of mixing to get it done and about the same to get it clean. It really makes dealing with separated bottles easy. With "fresh ground" almond butter at $8-16 a pound at the whole foods/wild oats, and bottled stuff at $4 a pound at trader joes, well, you do the math...


Chad said...

That's brilliant. However, I do enjoy mixing pb with a knife, especially on a weekday morning -- it's a good dexterity test.

By the way, our local grocer stopped carrrying the chunky version of Smuckers. It now has organic creamy and non-organic creamy. A protest is forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Tarik -

Cool item, never seen that before. One suggestion, perhaps eliminating the need for this: store your nut butters in the fridge, which will keep them from separating in the first place (except when they come that way.)

- AJ in Cambridge.

wenmei said...

Outstanding! I was just complaining this morning about mixing my peanut butter (which Cowboy loves, because I usually end up spilling it and he gets a treat).

John Speare said...

Game changeer. Alex turned me on to this beaut a few weeks ago. We got one. As a p-butt lover, my life has gotten better. That's the way consumerism is suppossed to work, man! As expected, Alex credited your blog with the initial discovery. I just wanted to close the loop. You've changed at last 5 lives for the better with this post Tarik. That matters.

Tarik Saleh said...

I am glad you like it. The only tricky part is if your nut butter is really solid at the bottom, then you just trace the same path through without mixing. Otherwise I am still really happy with it.

I do have to admit I have made at least $2 dollars in amazon referal fees over the years with this thing, so I am reaping in the dough as well.