July motion update

Ah fickle July. I was enroute to a really good biking month, when an opera induced knee injury laid me to rest. I ended the month with 309 biked and 13 runned, for a total of 1763 biked and 77 run on the year.

I did ride to work daily and, somewhat oddly, the knee injury started a 40 day straight riding streak, which ended just yesterday.

Onto the breakdown. Roadbike had 110, ss mtb had 75, the track bike and the raleigh 20 came in at 40ish each, with the picnica and the breeze at 20ish and 30ish respectively.

Out at the caldera in late june

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Jill said...

Opera got your knee, huh? Cosi fan tutte?

Tarik Saleh said...

Actually it was Daphne. It really hurt my knee. I saw Cosi Fan tutte just last week and it was completely fine on my knees, although my hip was a bit sore afterwards.