Rolling about santa fe, yet again...

Spent some time this weekend tooling around Santa Fe on the picnica, even more photos. Enjoy...


click for big, it is worth it...

Oh!, Derail!

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Some young and green goatheads hardening up for another rough fall:

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I will go and append those images on my popular post on goatheads

Now with 50% more dog!

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Sky and wires at the corner of Chama and cerillos

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watching a caboose on the Santa Fe spur from Ohori's

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Anonymous said...


It it rolls, and they go once they get going, it's better to have that boxcar derail on the spur before it makes it back to the active line.

Having the derail marked means when they intentionally move cars in and out of the siding they'll make sure to clear the rail.

Bet you knew that though, because you're wicket smaaat.

You missed Larz Anderson.

Tarik Saleh said...

Wicket fakin smaat no less.

Thanks for reading pal,