Some bikes at the whole foods

Some bikes at the santa fe whole foods.

I always am a big fan of the milk crate on the rear rack. This bike probably belongs to an employee at the store as it is always there.

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Nice use of plywood, hinges and hasps to make the milk crate more secure

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This presumably homemade recumbo-car is owned by a frequenter of supermarkets in santa fe. I see the owner every other time I shop in santa fe, so hopefully I will get some better pictures when it is sunny.

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Nice little cockpit view:

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Jill said...

Chad's a big fan of the milk crate, too. I think it's related to his dream of owning the perfect pizza bike.

Michael Lemberger said...

I likes the milk crates too (and no shortage of them here in 'Sconsin) but I sure wish the guy wouldn't hitch his ride to a tree!