Bike rack on the 26th day of chinese bikes

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Here are some attended bike parking near a park in downtown Chengdu. You pay the attendant something like 3.6 cents, get two wooden tags, hang one on your bike and keep the other. If you are smart, you lock your bike anyway and then you come back and trade tags, pick up your bike and away you go. See a tag hanging on a nice reflective grip on the ralleighoid mixtie below:

The parks were neat. Carp ponds and cheap fish food to feed them with, bonsaii trees, walking paths, music pavillions and lots of old men hangin around smoking, playing cards and drinking tea and other drinks. THe old men had good lives it seemed. They would walk to the park with their pet birds in cages and then hang the cages in the trees with the other old men's bird cages. The caged birds would socialize while the old guys talked. Seemed pretty fun.

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