Day 31 of chinese bikes, going downhill

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These are 2 of the 3 mountianbikes I saw in china. Not the cheap walmart looking MTB/commuters that are pervasive, but bikes that are off road capable.

This was in Lijiang. I am guessing that the two guys riding them where from Hong Kong and on vacation, but it was just a guess, I also guess these bikes never saw a lick of downhill action or any dirt, but there you are a pair of duallies riding around the old city of Lijang, slowly often with girlfriends on the bars.

I saw one other guy on a Kona hardtail rocketing through a side street in ChengDu, he had some pretty excellent bike handling skills, bunny hoppnig curbs, riding wheelies for blocks, etc. I think he was chinese. I almost fell over as he was by far the fastest rider I saw in all of China, and he was the only person other than me I saw go from street to sidewalk without dismounting and lifting the bike over the curb. Riding down stairs, up and down curbs and the like just did not happen in china.

I saw the Kona feller right near my favorite graffiti in china. "No skate no live". I think they meant "Skate or Die", but its the thought that counts. Rock on invisible skater brothers. I never saw anyone on a board.

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