Monkey in China

Sort of. Todd from CleverChimp went to Beijing, China to get some parts made right for his motor assist for the Xtracyle. He has a few postings about it so far and a nice short movie taken from the seat of his Brompton. Pretty similar to my experience in ChengDu, I think. Also it is nice to see that his business contacts have seen the "Gay sheepherder movie".

Great now I will get even weirder hits on my site from google searchers, I have already gotten three iterations of "Girls Big Racks" link to my site from google due to previous posts on people in china riding their bikes with their girlfriends on the rack of their bike. Aw hell: girl big rack, girl big rack, girl big rack, any traffic is good traffic, right?

Uh, as I was saying, Movies are usually released in China on pretty damn good DVD bootlegs before they hit the theatres in the US, or at least concurrently. They run about 8-10 yuan, maybe a buck twenty five or so, maybe less...Even if you want to buy a legal DVD, the ones that are sold as legal are just fancily boxed bootlegs for 5 to 10 times the price.

Back to Todd, impressively he treats his brompton like a stroller/wheelchair and takes it through airport security and gate checks it. Nice! Now I have to get a brompton and try that...
Here is a still from his movie:

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have seen that I have been scanning old Denton family photos and posting them (both to my flickr account and to GG's receiver). I thought you might be interested in this one since it includes bikes.