Snow snow snow

Well it is official, I think it will/has snowed more tonight than it has the rest of the winter combined, we are at a few inches and counting, maybe 5-10 at the end of the night. Droughtwise we are hosed this year, with the dreaded super wet year followed by a super dry winter into the dry season making lots of tinder to go with. Unless april is like last year (lots and lots of snow) they will most likely close the state forests in NM in a month or two, which means almost all moutainbiking is off limits, which should make it a roadie year and will probably mortally wound all the bike/ski shops which are already reeling from selling no skiis over the winter as winter never came.

I should have known it would snow heavily tonight, as I need to go to the airport. There is no better predictor of bad weather in northern NM than me needing to drive to Abq in the morning. I have done it in 1' of unplowed snow to make a 8 am flight (leave Los alamos at 5am), torrential rains and all sorts of nasty ice. Feh. For the droughts and MTBing sake I hope I need to go to the airport alot between now and May.

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Mark Bishop said...

hey roadie boy- take a trip up north here and we'll git u sum mountaing biking in. Good luck in k-town.