Ty ty makes gnar gnar in the crit crit

Uh, I mean look who is racing, a curly locked tyler:

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If you look here you will see that he still believes in tyler. Which is important I guess, because I am pretty sure no one else in that race does. But again, I think the pro guys in the race are pretty realistic about it and don't really care all that much, except possibly Scott Monninger who got dinged for two years on an allegedly tainted supplement case and probably has good reason to be a bit pissed about drug cheats. And lo and behold Monninger attacked repeatedly and won a pretty loaded parking lot crit. Whooo boy...

Well, welcome back on the road to clean racing Tyler. May you loose that tiny gut you are sporting and find a pro team ride and podium in a meaningless late season classic.

Anyone want to conjecture about whether the ever increasing set of people who believe Tyler intersects with the same people who believe Barry Bonds or would if any baseball fans actually knew who Tyler Hamilton was?

Once again, the well off pro athletes are so far ahead of the doping testers that it takes acts of reporting or police investigations to amass circumstantial evidence on them, they rarely fail tests.

See my last rant on this here.

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