Day 24 typical Chinese bikes

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Here are some typical "racks" of bikes on campus in Chengdu. There actually are no racks as all bikes have kickstands, but there are specific parking areas. The bikes up front in the photo are the semi-modern "U" frame bikes. They usually have cable brakes instead of the rod-linkage brakes, but still have chainguards, fenders, racks and kickstands.

All bikes have integral locks, usually on the chainstays and some people have cheap cable locks as well. Bike theft is a huge problem in the cities, the locks are not all that effective, except as a deterrent to the non-motivated theif.

I will post some more rack pics over the weekend and then into a couple typical riders next week.

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Mark Bishop said...

I'm diggin' the "electric eggshell" paintjob of the second bike there on the right. Put that pimpin' grey banana seat on there with a uber cool wicker baket up front, with mandatory hello kitty detail, and I'd buy one.