Some other things from about the net

As I resurfed the whole web today after missing it for a few days for illness, I found some things to share:

A nice history on the michelin man, probably pushing the bounds of fair use, but still nice... stolen but well illustrated by the consistantly excellent Bobke Strut

I love you the Onion, their take on the Barry Bonds steroids "scandal".

Chunk 666 chopper bike stalwarts and ambassadors have a blog. I love the latest post when he describes "ongoing urban interstitial exploration by the CHUNK 666 Corps of Discovery". Since reading a Lewis and Clark biography, I have secretely (until this moment, drat) been referring to MYSELF as a Corps of Discovery as I run, walk, ride and explore about here there and everywhere. Anyway, it always cracks me up, and if you can't crack yourself up, well hell...

If you like nice bikes and you somehow did not notice this happened yet, the North American Handbuilt Bikeshow went down in San Jose last weekend. Multitudes of photos linked to cleverly by Cyclofiend and Twisted Spokes.

Rode my bike today, ate arroz con pollo, rode home, did not vomit. Woo hoooooooooo!

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